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About Season 6

Roadtrip Nation's sixth season finds two teams of young people heading halfway across the world to help discover their own roads in life. Ray, Fawna, and Allison, three Americans, journey to New Zealand, where they spend four weeks traveling in a camper van, interviewing New Zealanders from all walks of life. Meanwhile, three Australians-Camilla, Mariana, and Su-Yin-travel to the United States and meet up with inspirational Americans on a six-week RV journey.


  • Episode 1: Los Angeles - Auckland, New Zealand

    Three young Americans fly to New Zealand to embark on a four-week roadtrip on the other side of the world. Meeting up in Los Angeles, Ray, Fawna, and Allison fly to Auckland. Upon arrival, they paint their RV home and experience the challenge of driving on the other side of the road. Their first interview is with adventurer and mountain climber Peter Hillary. Then they meet up with fashion designer Trelise Cooper and hip-hop and graffiti artist DLT. 

  • Episode 2: Auckland - Gisborne

    The team visits a Maori museum and executive chef Kate Fay before interviewing dub and hip-hop musician Tiki Taane. On the way to Coromandel, the team interviews potter and railway engineer Barry Brickell, and horse trainer Tina Fagan. Finally, they head to Gisborne, where they spend time with organic winemakers Geoff & Nicola Wright.

  • Episode 3: Rotorua - Christchurch

    After a Zorbing adventure, the team is at the halfway point of their roadtrip. In Rotorua, they meet with Doug Tamaki, local personality John "Bertie" Cocking, and political blogger David Farrar. After a ferry ride to the South Island, the team meets with mountaineer Mark Inglis. They head to Christchurch where they talk with Robin Judkins, an artist, author, and creator of adventure racing events.

  • Episode 4: Christchurch - Auckland

    Beginning the final week of their roadtrip, the team interviews Vicki Buck, former mayor of Christchurch and founder of a sustainable energy company. Heading to Queenstown, the team interviews helicopter pilot Louisa "Choppy" Patterson. The team's final interview is with bungee legend Henry Van Asch, after which the team decides to take a huge risk and bungee jump, themselves. As they head back to Auckland to fly back to the United States, the team leaves New Zealand with a new perspective and a new outlook on their futures.

  • Episode 5: Los Angeles - San Diego

    Three young Australian women head to the United States and roadtrip across the country. After arriving in Los Angeles, Mariana, Camilla, and Su-Yin learn to drive an RV and acclimate to life on the road. The team heads to San Diego for their first interview with members of the band Switchfoot. The team then drives to Orange County where they meet activists and philanthropists Augie and Lynn Nieto.

  • Episode 6: Los Angeles - Santa Fe

    The RV breaks down as the team heads from Los Angeles to San Francisco before they interview law professor and children's rights activist Thomas Nazario. Then they go to Golden Gate Park to talk with David Miles, Jr., the "godfather of skating." Driving east into Utah, they visit the Great Salt Lake and talk with theater owners Eric and Sandy Jensen. The team pushes on to New Mexico and meets up with Christina Heyniger, an adventure tourism consultant.

  • Episode 7: Santa Fe - Houston

    In Santa Fe, the team interviews Celine Cousteau, a filmmaker and granddaughter of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau. Then they drive into West Texas and visit with Doug Baum, owner of Texas Camel Corps. Driving east to Austin, they interview Terry Lickona, producer of the television program Austin City Limits, and finish up their tour of Texas in Houston where they talk with blogger and author Gwendolyn Zepeda.    

  • Episode 8: Chicago - New York City

    The team drives north to Chicago. They interview chef Homaru Cantu and go to a White Sox baseball game-a first for the Australians. Then they drive to Cleveland and interview Terry Stewart, president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The team drives east to New York City to visit with tattoo artist Eli Quinters and pianist and tae kwon do champion Elaine Kwon.

  • Episode 9: New York City - Portland

    Still in New York City, the team interviews a capella musical director and musician Roger Thomas. Arriving in Boston, the team visits inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil before driving on to Portland, Maine, their last stop. In Maine, they interview sailor Bruce Schwab, who is the first American to complete the round-the-world Vendée Globe Race. Wrapping up their roadtrip, the team reflects on six weeks of eye-opening and life-changing experiences and prepare to head back to Australia to define their own roads in life.


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