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Moto Restaurant

“As long as you're passionate and can find your creative niche, there's nothing that you can't achieve. I know that sounds cliché and ridiculous, but this place [Moto] is living proof. The answers are out there, we just have to tap into that creative side.”


Food Science


Character Experience Instincts Simplicity Education Values Desire Exploration Goals Passion Success Dedication Determination Focus Hard Work Negativity Perseverance Struggle Chance


Problem Solving


  • Chef Cantu experiments with "futuristic" and modern foods, plays with the physics of food.
  • Says any of the difficulties he's faced with his restaurant are nothing compared to the challenges of working for someone else.
  • Grew up very poor, was homeless for some time; says when you "live a life of simplicity," you start wondering how you can solve problems.
  • He had an interest in pyrotechnics, mechanics; he'd take apart something like a lawnmower and try to invent new things with the parts.
  • Was working at a fast-food restaurant and living out of his car; a friend encouraged him to apply for culinary school.
  • After graduating, he'd knock on the door of any and every restaurant and offer to work for free.
  • Once he had enough experience, he flew to Chicago with no money, no place to stay, and convinced his hero, Chef Trotter, to hire him.
  • Says even when he was working 18-hour shifts, he'd keep things interesting by inventing new gadgets and concepts on his own time.

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