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Music Director/Musician
Naturally 7

“I came to the conclusion very early that, whatever it is that I do, it should be something I would do for free.”


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Being Creative


  • He was an English and math major in school, and after college, he went to work for a law firm.
  • Noticed that every single week, his co-workers would come into work on Friday and say "TGIF!"
  • Being in an environment where people so clearly disliked what they did made him pledge to himself that he would find a job that he truly loved.
  • Around that time, he started an acapella group as a hobby; at that time, he didn't think there was any market for acapella music.
  • The group, Naturally 7, entered an acapella competition and won; more importantly, they learned that other groups were actually making money.
  • That realization prompted them to record their first album and put on their first live showcase.
  • After the showcase, they suddenly had 57 shows booked...but all of them still had "day jobs."
  • He says when it came time to make that decision, they knew they had to follow their hearts; no one wanted to look back and regret passing up their dream.

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