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“The only mistake you can make now is to not do anything.”


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Being Creative


  • Says people always ask her when she became a writer and she thinks she's been a writer since she was born.
  • Grew up in a rough neighborhood surrounded by poverty, alcoholism; a mentor pushed her to apply to college.
  • Got pregnant at 19, "just like every other woman in [her] family," saw her peers realize, "aw, her too," felt like she'd let everyone down.
  • After having a baby, her GPA dropped; she lost her scholarship and had to drop out of the University of Texas.
  • Told herself she wanted to be a housewife, said she'd use that time to be creative.
  • Started writing on the internet, saw many of her peers getting published; gave herself a one-year deadline to get a book published.
  • Stresses you don't have to pick one thing and do it for the rest of your life, but you should always be doing something rather than nothing.
  • Says that in the time she "wasted" freaking out about her writing, she could've finished 85 books.

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