Celine's Open Road


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Documentary Filmmaker
Ocean Futures Society

“You have everything you need within you-trust it.”


Environment & Nature Film


Character Choices Instincts Acceptance Societal Pressures Transitions Courage Pride Chance Experience Confidence Focus Goals Honesty Individualism Inspiration Opportunity Passion Planning Pressure Risk Self-Reflection Exploration Money & Financial Security Education Beliefs & Faith


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Studied psychology in her undergraduate education.
  • After graduating, worked at a psychiatric hospital and an art gallery.
  • Left psychiatry and moved to Italy to study art; never focused on just one thing, constantly "juggling."
  • Treasures the "in-between time," the transition time between big life choices, says that's when you're questioning yourself in a good way.
  • During one of these "transitions," she accompanied her father's documentary crew to Alaska to study grey whales, loved it.
  • Says documentary filmmaking just clicked, might not have seemed logical based on what she'd studied, done in the past, but every step led to where she is now.
  • Was able to combine many of her passions-travel, art, environmental and interpersonal issues-in her films.

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