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“The thing that everybody has to give is their joy.”


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Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Grew up in Alaska and wanted a change of scenery; went to New York to go to college at Cornell University.
  • Had a "breakdown," didn't know what to do after college, started selling cheese at a farmer's market stand.
  • Eventually went back to graduate school and got a job with a consulting firm.
  • She was there for eight years but felt she was "flatlining," still didn't have something that was inspiring her.
  • Based many of her choices on how much money she'd make; let go of this idea and suddenly had tons of options.
  • Took a trip along the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon, found her "joy."
  • Took a leave from her job, sent résumés to river companies asking if she could get a job/training to be a river guide.
  • One company took her up on it, asked if in exchange, she could give them consulting advice; that merge was "the start of figuring out what [she] wanted to be."

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