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Geoff & Nicola Wright



My road in life has been direct.
Nicola was constantly traveling, jumping around, worked as an accountant, then a lawyer, but nothing was grabbing her.
Geoff was qualified as a chartered accountant, but that environment "didn't feel right"; always thought it'd be amazing to own a vineyard.
Decided he didn't want a job he was going to "moan about" from 9-to-5, so he went for his dream.
Nicola moved to Gisborne, NZ to "meet Mr. Right," who would be a winemaker; 16 days later, she found Geoff.
When they were putting in the initial work, Nicola had second-thoughts, almost got impatient, thought they could sell their land instead.
Opened Wrights Wines, which was New Zealand's first producer of organic and vegan wines.
Geoff says the key to reaching a dream that seems far-off is by taking one small step towards it everyday.
Says if there's ever anything he'd feel like he'd regret not doing at the end of his life, he just does it.



We own and operate 3 vineyards (45 acres), a winery and a café.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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