Elaine's Open Road


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Pianist / Tae Kwon Do Champion

“I said I'm gonna really absolutely follow my heart, 'cause otherwise I'm going to feel sick inside.”


Acting & Theatre Music


Passion Perseverance Societal Pressures Family Pressure Experience Courage Desire Determination Exploration Chance Doubt Fear Money & Financial Security Education Individualism Regrets Struggle Inspiration Choices


Being Creative


  • Had a demanding father who just wanted her to succeed, pushed her, knew as a minority female, she'd have to work "doubly hard."
  • Started playing piano at age four.
  • Was set up to go to the University of Washington and study medicine when she "made a break."
  • Realized she didn't want to go into medicine, had a tough conversation with her father and "just left," went to study piano in Texas.
  • Says it was very important for her to get away from home, where she slipped back into old habits; says find yourself your own space.
  • At age 25, she found a new passion for taekwondo; said "whatever strikes me, I'm gonna try to explore."
  • Answered Nike ad calling for fitness models; went for it at age 37 even though they wanted ages 18-23; got the part; says "What's too old?"
  • Says "you can redefine what it means to be a woman at any age."

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