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Professor of Law
University of San Francisco

“Nobody ever told me as a kid that I could really amount to much at all.”


Education Law


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Helping People


  • He grew up in Spanish Harlem, a ghetto in New York City.
  • One Thanksgiving, he saw a woman going through a garbage can with her daughter-that was their Thanksgiving dinner.
  • He realized that the planet wasn't as good as he'd thought it was, and he resolved to work to improve it.
  • His family raised him as a Spanish speaker, and he also struggled with dyslexia, so school was hard for him.
  • Finally he met a mentor that helped him out, and he was able to start excelling.
  • Says that without that mentor, he might not have succeeded; says that society tells kids of color that they won't amount to much.
  • Because of that, he's focused his law work on children's rights, especially on children in third-world countries.
  • Says he gets frustrated because people who have the capacity to do so much good for the world often do nothing.

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