Tiki's Open Road

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    New Zealand Roadtrip


Solo Artist/ Former Front Man of Salmonella Dub

“I try and treat my soul, my spirit, like it's somebody I know and the more I respect it and the better I treat it, then the better I am.”


Engineering Music


Money & Financial Security Passion


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • Growing up in Christchurch, he was always getting into trouble.
  • He got pretty close to going down a certain path, which probably would've led to gangs, drugs, or prison.
  • His parents saw that music put him in a better place, so they bought him a guitar to give him a creative outlet.
  • He spent time working as a sound engineer for other bands, but he was always writing his own music on the side.
  • Fronted the well-known New Zealand band Salmonella Dub for 11 years.
  • Eventually, he decided to break away and work on his own music.
  • His first solo album, Past, Present, Future, was the number-one album in New Zealand in 2007.
  • Now he's gone back to his production roots; founded Tikidub Productions, where he acts as a producer, engineer, and artist.

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