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    New Zealand Roadtrip


AJ Hackett Bungy

“Some people have constraints on themselves, or society or others put constraints on people's minds or thinking, but really we can do whatever we want to do.”


Action Sports Entrepreneurship


Risk Opportunity


Being Physically Active


  • After high school, he got a job as a truck driver.
  • Tried out university, studied philosophy and phenomenology of religion; realized he didn't like it, left after one year, went back to driving trucks.
  • Started speed skiing and mountain bike racing; "they kind of combined to be something I was interested in: air, force and gravity."
  • Moved to Europe where he met A.J. Hackett; together they co-developed the modern bungy.
  • Gained recognition after Hackett bungy jumped off of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Says that bungy jumping is a personal challenge; it comes down to how you physically and mentally deal with perceived danger.
  • Believes bungy jumping creates a point of intense focus that doesn't happen very often: everything opens up after you decide to jump.
  • Says like in life, if you think about the risk of bungy jumping rationally, you'll know it's safe, but you still have to ready yourself to take that risk emotionally.

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