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Helicopter Pilot
Over The Top

“If you spend too much time looking back over things, you don't really get anywhere.”


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  • Her father and uncle were both involved in aviation so it was always around when she was growing up.
  • At university, she majored in marine biology.
  • One day, her uncle signed her up for flying lessons; she ended up dropping out of that major to focus on this new passion.
  • When she was 10, her father was killed in an aircraft accident, so her mother was very anxious about Louisa's change in career path.
  • She was an airline pilot for some time, but found it to be boring; said the best part was walking through the terminal in her uniform.
  • Pivoted and went into flying helicopters instead; founded her own helicopter tourism company called Over the Top.
  • She is the only female licensed helicopter pilot in New Zealand.
  • Says her mother is now proud of her aviary career, and they believe that her father is acting as her guardian angel.

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