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“Sometimes tension's a good thing. In fact, being pulled tight is the only way you can make a proper noise on a guitar or a violin. So if you feel pulled, that's not a bad thing.”


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Being Creative


  • Says music was always a "diversion from class."
  • He tried out a bunch of different degrees because he wasn't sure what he wanted to do as a "job."
  • Knew that he loved music more than anything else, but figured he'd never make money playing music.
  • Thought he'd be okay getting an economics degree and playing music as a side project, but then his band started taking off.
  • Suddenly, they were living a dual life, trying to keep up with college classes while simultaneously touring.
  • He used to think that the tension of not knowing what to do was a bad thing, but now says that that pain is a useful emotion.
  • Says in the music business, it's hard not to let his work be dictated by what other people think of it.
  • He's reached a point in his life where he asks, "Do I think this is awesome?" and if the answer is yes, he does it without worrying about any other opinions.

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