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“I have four degrees and never really had interest in any of them.”


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  • He obtained degrees in engineering, education, finance, and law...then realized he wasn't interested in any of those fields.
  • After school, he worked in mergers and acquisitions, then was a banker, and he was miserable the whole time.
  • The only time that he was happy was when he was off chasing his passion-media, specifically movies and comic books.
  • He lost his finance job, then he lost his wife, and was homeless.
  • Went to the bar to drink away his sorrows and the bartender took pity on him and gave him a place to live.
  • A friend who knew about his comic book obsession tipped him off to a position that was open at Marvel Comics.
  • He'd finally found his dream job, and he worked his way up the ranks until at age 44, he was president of Marvel.
  • Says life isn't a horse race; it's a marathon, and in the end, the journey is what really counts.

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