Terry Lickona

Terry Lickona


Austin City Limits

Austin, TX USA

Almost anything is worth trying at least once, just to see if you like it.


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Terry Lickona


My road in life has been direct.
When he was in high school, someone mentioned that he had a great voice for radio; that stuck with him.
Throughout college, he worked a full-time job in radio, which he said was "like therapy": it gave him a chance to speak out.
After finishing his bachelor's & master's degrees in political science, he packed up his car and moved to Austin, Texas.
He had $400 dollars and no plan; when he got to Austin, he realized finding a job would be much tougher than he'd thought.
During his job hunt, he was surviving on frozen dinners and donating blood for a little bit of extra cash.
Started volunteering for the television program Austin City Limits and was soon hired as an employee.
He has been working as the producer of Austin City Limits since 1978. and was instrumental in creating the program's unique sound.
Says "if your brain and your heart are telling you to do something different, that's the advice you should follow."
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I produce and manage the longest running TV music series in the country, and an exciting annual music festival.

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My work combines:
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