Peter's Open Road


    New Zealand Roadtrip


Kitemaker / Engineer / Inventor
Peter Lynn Kites

“I always knew I was going to change the world somehow, you know. You have the arrogance of youth, I think.”


Design Engineering


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Building Things


  • Says that between his arrogance of youth and the strong support of his parents, he always believed that he could change the world.
  • He was transfixed by kites from an early age; says the first time he saw one, it was "like a duckling that thinks the first thing it sees is its mother."
  • When he was young, he built a kite that couldn't fly, and says ever since then, he's been obsessed with building kites that work.
  • Besides just building kites, he also helped innovate and popularize the sports of kite buggying and kiteboarding.
  • Says he still doesn't completely understand his craft, yet he's spent the last 40 years enjoying the practice.
  • People tell him that with his skills, he should've built planes, or something that would "give back" to the world.
  • But his scores of happy customers would likely argue that he has, in fact, given back to the world in a fantastic way.
  • Says that it doesn't matter what your passion is-"if you concentrate on it, and you do it forever, there will be a place in the world for it."

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