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“I had to prove to my family that a decision I had made was good.”


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Being Creative


  • As a child, watched a gang film called The Warriors-it was his first exposure to graffiti artists.
  • Soon after, saw a cautionary documentary on what the "ghetto" kids in America were doing.
  • Says it had an opposite effect on New Zealand's kids; "the next day, there were 100 graffiti artists heading down to the railways lines."
  • Right around that time, he was being "dissed" at school for the art-based subjects he'd chosen to study; hip-hop came around right in time.
  • One of his first graffiti "missions" was painting black idols-Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix-near billboards that primarily used white faces in their advertisements.
  • Says he wanted his hip-hop, art to stand up for underrepresented kids who couldn't fight for themselves-"come over here; I'll fight for you."
  • His family kept saying, "get a job," "grow up"; felt that he constantly had to prove that he'd made a good decision.
  • Says that if you remember the things you liked when you were growing up, before you were "business-oriented," those things will guide you.

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