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Doug Baum



My road in life has been direct.
When he was 21, he was living in Nashville, touring as a drummer for major country music acts, such as Trace Adkins.
He'd been volunteering at zoos in his free time; loved seeing the connection kids and people had with the animals.
Said he was always "looking ahead," once the music industry work became "unfulfilling," he knew exactly where he could go.
His family and friends weren't believers early on, told him "this is not a normal way to make a living."
Says he just decided he wasn't living for his dad, or for anyone else; "I was doing it for me."
Reiterates over and over: "Dream it up, make it happen, it happens."
Says he's been lucky not to have any major failures behind him, if he was to "fall flat on [his] face," he knows he could get back up, retool, move on.
"'Is this gonna work?' never occurred to me": he wanted to be a rock star, just went for it; wanted to raise camels, just went for it.
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I raise camels and help educate the public about the history of camels in America.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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