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“I'm raising camels in Texas-do you think I care what people think?”


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Family Passion Pressure Acceptance Chance Courage Dedication Fulfillment Individualism Opportunity Perseverance Values Simplicity Transitions Instincts Experience Money & Financial Security Struggle


Learning / Being Challenged


  • When he was 21, he was living in Nashville, touring as a drummer for major country music acts, such as Trace Adkins.
  • He'd been volunteering at zoos in his free time; loved seeing the connection kids and people had with the animals.
  • Said he was always "looking ahead," once the music industry work became "unfulfilling," he knew exactly where he could go.
  • His family and friends weren't believers early on, told him "this is not a normal way to make a living."
  • Says he just decided he wasn't living for his dad, or for anyone else; "I was doing it for me."
  • Reiterates over and over: "Dream it up, make it happen, it happens."
  • Says he's been lucky not to have any major failures behind him, if he was to "fall flat on [his] face," he knows he could get back up, retool, move on.
  • "'Is this gonna work?' never occurred to me": he wanted to be a rock star, just went for it; wanted to raise camels, just went for it.

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