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Eric and Sandy Jensen



My road in life has been direct.
Sandy had a strict upbringing where she was supposed to be seen, not heard; people were constantly telling her to speak up.
Her husband taught her that when she was being silly, rather than prim or proper, she lost all her fears.
When Eric was three years old, he told his mom he wanted to be a comedian.
Eric thinks many people really know what they want to do, "but they don't have the courage to really follow it."
Eric says there is constant self-doubt in his profession: when doing improv, sometimes you step out on stage, have no idea what to say.
Met when they were both studying theater at the University of Utah.
Opened their own comic theater, which produces plays, musicals and improv events.
Eric says "you have to have a little bit of fear in life to push you away from the edge when there's danger," but most "failures" are only mildly humiliating, not dangerous.
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We produce parodies, comedies, plays, and the longest running improv show in Utah at our theater.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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