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About Season 3

In Roadtrip Nation: Season 3, three teams of students from the UK, Canada, and America traveled across the country in three green RV's, meeting with individuals from all walks of life along the way to ask them how they got to where they are today. All of them shared their stories of where they were at in their early 20s and how they stayed true to themselves while setting out to define their own roads in life. Contrary to what they had learned from academia and society, the students found out that nobody had it all mapped out in their early 20s. Everyone wandered at one point, and it was through this ambiguous period of exploration that their paths began to surface.


  • Episode 1: Boston - New York City

    The US Team begins their roadtrip in Boston and head out to New York City to interview David Neeleman, CEO of JetBlue. Later they sit down with Tracy McKnight, music supervisor and president of Commotion Records. Also in New York, the team interviews Sam Ross, founder of Green Chimneys Children's School.

  • Episode 2: Washington, D.C. - Chicago

    Continuing in Washington DC, the US team visits Paul Goble, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Next they interview William Albert Allard, photographer for National Geographic. Then it's off to Chicago to interview Marilyn Halperin, Director of Education and Communications of the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

  • Episode 3: Chicago - San Francisco

    Still in Chicago, the US team interviews Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life. The team then heads to Denver to sit down with Lieutenant Firefighter Levi Ortiz. Later in Cheyenne, the team meets with Jeremy Sparks, a professional bullfighter. The team heads west, stopping in San Francisco to interview Ana Hortillosa, event coordinator for the Asian Art Museum.

  • Episode 4: Davis - Los Angeles

    In Davis, the US team visits Lee Walthall, owner of the Delta of Venus Cafe. Next it's off to Los Angeles where they sit down with actor and stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes. The team arrives to their final interview with Dr. Linda Li of the TV show, Dr. 90210.

  • Episode 5: New York City

    The UK team cross the Atlantic and begins their adventure in New York City where they interview Gillian Caldwell, program director of The team later sits down with Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics.

  • Episode 6: Washington, D.C.

    Next stop is Washington, DC where the UK team interviews Frederick Gregory, Deputy Administrator for NASA. While in DC, the team has the opportunity to meet Dr. Andrew Steele, an astrobiologist who is proving the possibility of life on Mars. The team heads to Kentucky to interview journalist turned filmmaker Sonja Devries.

  • Episode 7: Austin - Phoenix

    In Austin, the UK team interviews Cliff Antone, owner of the famous Antone's Blues Club. En route to Phoenix, the team makes a pit stop to talk with truck driver Darius. Finally in Phoenix, they meet with Pam Gaber, founder of the non-profit group Gabriel's Angels.

  • Episode 8: Yosemite - San Francisco

    Next stop is Yosemite where the UK team interviews Ken Yager, a rock climbing instructor. The team heads to San Francisco to interview Nathan Grey, founder and CEO of Earthtrain. Next it's off to Los Angeles, where the team interviews David Banks, a freelance filmmaker and award-winning photojournalist. The UK team returns home with six weeks worth of memories that will forever change their lives.

  • Episode 9: Philadelphia - Washington, D.C.

    The first stop for the Canadian team is Philadelphia to interview Pat Croce, former president of the 76ers basketball team. The team then heads to Washington DC, where interview Pat Schroeder, former congresswoman of Colorado and Kevin Klose, president and CEO of NPR.

  • Episode 10: New York City - Philadelphia

    The Canadian team reaches New York City where they interview Damon Dash, hip hop mogul and entrepreneur. Next they interview Ray Kelly, NYPD police commissioner. The team also has the opportunity of meeting with Richard Meir, architect of the Getty museum. The team heads back to Philadelphia to interview Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson, drummer for The Roots.

  • Episode 11: Vancouver, Canada - Whistler, Canada

    Continuing on to Vancouver, the Canadian team sits down with Kalle Lasn, founder of Adbusters Magazine. Later they interview Rob Feenie, owner and executive chef of Lumiere restaurant. In Whistler, the team interviews Ross Rebagliati, an Olympic snowboarder.

  • Episode 12: Seattle - Portland

    In Seattle, the Canadian team interviews Paula and Lorenz Eber, who biked around the world to raise awareness for asthma. Then their off to Portland to sit down with Scott MacEachern, sports marketing director of Nike and of Lance Armstrong's Livestrong brand.


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