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Former Congresswoman/CEO
Association of American Publishers

“If you think you want to try it, and you can try it, why not try it?”


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  • She was one of fifteen women in her Harvard graduating class of more than five hundred.
  • She used to look around at her peers-who were all obsessed with planning their future careers-and worry that she was a "lagger."
  • Her husband was part of a committee trying to find a representative to replace Richard Nixon when he ran for president.
  • He told her, "you probably won't win, but you can talk about the issues"; she had a brief time to decide, but she chose to seize the opportunity.
  • Ended up winning the spot and became the first female elected to Congress from Colorado.
  • Countless reporters asked her, "How can you be Congresswoman and a mother?" so she replied, "I got a brain, I got a uterus, and they both work."
  • She ended up holding her seat for 24 years, and even took a few stabs at running for president, before moving into publishing.
  • Worries that current generations are too concerned with security to try bold new things, so she urges road-trippers to try everything.

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