Pat Schroeder

Pat Schroeder

Former Congresswoman/CEO

Association of American Publishers

Washington, DC USA

If you think you want to try it, and you can try it, why not try it?


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Pat Schroeder


My road in life has been direct.
She was one of fifteen women in her Harvard graduating class of more than five hundred.
She used to look around at her peers-who were all obsessed with planning their future careers-and worry that she was a "lagger."
Her husband was part of a committee trying to find a representative to replace Richard Nixon when he ran for president.
He told her, "you probably won't win, but you can talk about the issues"; she had a brief time to decide, but she chose to seize the opportunity.
Ended up winning the spot and became the first female elected to Congress from Colorado.
Countless reporters asked her, "How can you be Congresswoman and a mother?" so she replied, "I got a brain, I got a uterus, and they both work."
She ended up holding her seat for 24 years, and even took a few stabs at running for president, before moving into publishing.
Worries that current generations are too concerned with security to try bold new things, so she urges road-trippers to try everything.


High School
History, General
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Harvard University


Former Congresswoman/CEO

I served as congresswoman in the House of Representatives for 24 years and advocated on work-family and women's issues.

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My work combines:
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