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“If I had made a choice, it was to try to change the world…I think you have a responsibility to try to ensure that there is actually freedom.”


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Helping People


  • She knew from a young age that she wanted to get into social justice work.
  • Her parents had a gallery, kept a painting of a CIA mercenary urinating on a political prisoner in their living room; had a great effect on her.
  • Bought one of the first consumer-grade video cameras, was determined to make a documentary that would change the world.
  • She'd done international human rights work, knew women's issues; these qualifications led a friend to approach her to help stop human trafficking.
  • Went undercover, posed as a buyer interested in buying women, documented the whole thing.
  • After the documentary, Bought and Sold, aired, she drafted a Congressional resolution that led to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.
  • Says that Americans have the privilege of freedom and the responsibility to try to ensure that freedom is afforded to others.
  • Thinks we're all hardwired to do something in this world; "all the seeds of whoever you are, are there-the question is just accessing it and fulfilling it."

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