Ana's Open Road


    Team USA


Event Coordinator
Asian Art Museum

“I started out as a philosophy major and an art major and then I took anthropology and then I thought…I'm gonna do theater. Then after I got out, it was just like, I'm gonna try to get a real job, but I wanted to be in a place that felt right.”


Acting & Theatre Art


Chance Instincts Choices Doubt Individualism Exploration Self-Reflection Transitions


Being Creative


  • Studied any and all of her interests while at school at UC Berkeley.
  • Took a job as an events coordinator at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.
  • Says she never knew a job like hers existed.
  • Positioned herself in a place she wanted to be, where her interests intersected, and carved out a niche.
  • She never doubted herself; always stayed open to how her future would pan out.
  • Says you can fit yourself into a career that might not be perfect for you, or forge your own path and know you're in the right place.

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