William Albert Allard

William Albert Allard

Staff Photographer

National Geographic

Washington, DC USA

It makes me realize that it's possible to set out with a goal, and it's possible to reach that goal...but you cannot be indifferent.


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William Albert Allard


My road in life has been direct.
After graduating from high school, he didn't have the grades to go to college, so he didn't.
Instead, he got a job with the telephone company; one day, his sister told him, "There's more to life than climbing poles," so he enrolled in art school.
One day, an enthusiastic professor led a photojournalism class on the marriage of words and pictures.
He became obsessed with photojournalism and decided to tack it on as a double major.
Because he was older than other students-he already had a wife and kids-his portfolio was a bit more serious than others.
The director of photography at National Geographic gave him an internship and a chance at a story.
He says that he was very well set up for this assignment, psychologically, and as a result, his photos of the Pennsylvania Amish were published.
That spread was considered a major turning point in the style of the magazine, and it jump-started his photography career.
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High School
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Staff Photographer

I photograph people and tell their stories as a freelance photographer and longtime contributor to National Geographic.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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