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David Banks



My road in life has been direct.
Was constantly called "stupid" as a kid; was actually struggling with dyslexia and vowel deafness.
Figured out he'd have to teach himself; picked up his mom's 8mm camera and felt "immediate gratification" when he'd print his images.
Knew he didn't have the grades, funds to go to USC's film school; moved to Los Angeles anyway, would visit USC bookstore, buy the course books.
Says he originally took the photos for himself; realized he needed outside perspective and went to an artist support group.
Realized all artists had the same insecurities; he just had to stop worrying if other people were going to like his images.
Says, "screw confidence; just do it," the more risk you take, the stronger your confidence grows.
Realized high expectations lead to frustrations; instead, makes reachable goals for himself.
One example of a reachable goal was "get a job in television," now has multiple Emmys from working his way up from there.
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Filmmaker / Photojournalist

I'm a film-maker, writer and photojournalist with 30 years experience in international documentary-making and news.

Career Roadmap

My work combines:
My work combines:
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