Sam Ross

Sam Ross


Green Chimneys Children's School

Brewster, NY USA

Success is something that you know because you see children benefiting, families benefiting, animals benefiting, and it's something when you look in the mirror that you feel good about.


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Sam Ross


My road in life has been direct.
He went to school to be a doctor, following in his father's footsteps.
While he did well in school, he didn't enjoy it; somewhere along the way, he'd fixated on this "crazy" idea to open a school for children.
Green Chimneys is a therapeutic environment for children that haven't had success with traditional forms of education.
His goals are to help his students reclaim their youth and to restore all possibilities for their futures.
Says that, of course, if he'd followed the path of becoming a doctor, he probably wouldn't have gone through the struggles he'd faced.
But, if he'd been a doctor, he would've always thought about that school for children, and dreamt of the "what ifs."
Says that his school has stayed alive because he's taken risks that others were too scared to take.
He's made some sacrifices, but when he sees children and families benefitting from his school, he knows they were all worth it.
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High School
University of Virginia-Main Campus
New York University



I help young people maximize their potential through working with farm animals and connecting to the natural world.

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My work combines:
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