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Lee Walthall



My road in life has been direct.
At age 23, he had just come out of the military and he had no idea what he wanted to do.
Had a whole host of interests: wanted to be a musician, write a novel, own a restaurant, paint.
Realized he had the ability to do anything, but not everything; knew he had to focus in on something to be successful.
Had a conversation with himself and the universe, said, "Please give me something I can sink my teeth into."
Decided was the restaurant business was what he'd focus on; secured a loan, started asking local restaurant-owners for advice.
When he went to the Delta of Venus for advice, the owners offered to sell the cafe to him; he saw that as the sign he'd been waiting for.
Says people in the Davis community are successful "by no one's standards but their own," and that always encouraged him to put happiness first.
Believes when you die, you're not thinking about how much money you made; you're thinking, "Did I live a life worth living?"
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I own the Delta of Venus Cafe and create a space for community art and music.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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