Public Television : Season 1

About Season 1

Everywhere you turn people try to tell you who to be and what to do with your life. This was our dilemma. We were afraid of getting funneled into these one way paths without ever having a minute to stop and figure out what it was we wanted to do; was it really neuroscience, was it writing, was it business? We didn't want to wake up one morning fifteen years from now and realize it had all been a mistake. So we decided to track down the Green RV and add a few signatures to the ceiling. We wanted to pick up where it had left off and interview some interesting folks who shared our same concerns...


  • Episode 1: Las Vegas

    The Roadtrip Nation team begins in Las Vegas to interview Rob Bollinger, artistic director of Cirque du Soleil and Julian Serrano, chef, Picasso Restaurant at the Bellagio hotel. Next the team interview Pavel Brun, artistic director of the Celine Dion Show.

  • Episode 2: Phoenix - Boulder

    The Roadtrip Nation team arrives to Phoenix to sit down with Jerry Colangelo, owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks. Then they're off to Boulder to interview David Jacobs, founder and owner of Spider Ski Apparel. Next the team interview Gary Neptune, founder and owner of Neptune Mountaineering.

  • Episode 3: Boulder - Salt Lake City

    In Boulder, the Roadtrip Nation team interview Kim Walker, founder of Outdoor Divas. The team heads to Aspen to sit down with Pat O'Donnell, CEO of Aspen Skiing Company. In Salt Lake City, they interview Dennis Halsam, general manager of the Utah Jazz.

  • Episode 4: Wellpinit - Seattle

    Continuing on to Wellpinit, Washington, the Roadtrip Nation team interview Bob Brisbois, Tribal Council Secretary of the Spokane Tribe. The team then heads to Seattle to interview Sylvia Matthews, executive director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Next they meet with Jonathan Poneman, founder of Nirvana's original label, Sub-pop Records. Also, the team interview Ann Powers, rock journalist and senior curator of the Experience Music Project.

  • Episode 5: San Francisco - Carmel

    En route to San Francisco, the Roadtrip Nation team interview Mike Thorn, coordinator for Maximum Rock n' Roll magazine. Next they sit down with Alistaire Paulin, managing editor of Mother Jones Magazine. The team heads to Carmel to meet with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley.

  • Episode 6: San Francisco

    The Roadtrip team heads back to San Francisco to interview Minister Cecil Williams, of Glide Memorial Church. Then they sit down with Jim Mitchell, visual effects supervisor of Industrial Light and Magic and for the Harry Potter movie. Then they interview Gary Rydstrom, sound director for Skywalker Sound and 7-time Academy Award Winner. Next the team interviews Phil Marineau, CEO for Levi's.

  • Episode 7: Los Angeles

    The Roadtrip team arrives to Los Angeles to interview Larry Weintraub, co-founder of Fanscape. Next the team interviews freelance photographer Jeremy Weiss and Jill Soloway, writer and producer of HBO's Six Feet Under.

  • Episode 8: Los Angeles

    In Los Angeles, the Roadtrip Nation team interview Jehmu Green, executive director of Rock the Vote. Next they meet with Mason Gordon, creator of Slamball and Ric Birch, executive producer for the Sydney Olympic Ceremonies.


  • Destination Unknown