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Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns

“You can't do anything about yesterday, you certainly can't do anything about tomorrow, but you can control what you're doing today.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Grew up playing basketball and baseball, wanted to be a professional athlete.
  • Blew out his arm at age 17, essentially ending his dreams of becoming a pitcher in the MLB.
  • Says you can't "sit in the corner, coil up and be miserable for the rest of your life" just because you hit a setback.
  • Grew up in a poor, Italian-American community in Chicago, where they "didn't have very much."
  • Got a job as a the manager of the Phoenix Suns at age 28, the youngest general manager in professional sports history.
  • Had to move his family from Chicago to Phoenix with very little money; "it was like starting a new life."
  • Says that through his upbringing in sports, in a poor neighborhood, he became unafraid to fail.
  • People think he's caught "lucky breaks," but he believes it's because he's taken every opportunity possible, didn't just wait for his ship to come in.

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