Gary Rydstrom

Gary Rydstrom

Sound Director

Skywalker Sound

San Francisco, CA USA

You do have to be led by your passion. If it's something that really intrigues you…then it means you'll probably put the energy into being good at it down the road.


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Gary Rydstrom


My road in life has been direct.
Went to USC's film school, where it seemed like "everyone wants to make a movie," but for him, sound work held all the magic.
Says he loves that he can take a "flat, distant" film and bring it to life by adding just the right sound.
Had support from parents and peers "at least to his face," but at the same time, everyone told him he'd never get a job.
Was too afraid to try to find a job after his undergraduate studies, so went to grad school and kept studying the same major.
One of his professors had George Lucas as a student, set him up with a job at Lucasfilm.
Says "that's the kind of thing that happens all the time," you can't plan, you just get a chance opportunity and you take it.
Thinks it's better to be led by passion rather than getting too analytical about what you're "good at."
Says your passion will be the thing that you have endless questions about: "if you're curious, you're probably passionate. It's like falling love."


Sound Director

I create soundscapes for movies including "Star Wars," "Finding Nemo," and many others.

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My work combines:
My work combines:
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