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Accomplishing Goals


  • Followed his love of show business to L.A. with two goals: to date a wannabe-actress and to go to a movie premiere.
  • He was working as a "bottom-feeder" at a production company when he came up with the idea of Slamball.
  • Approached Mike Tollin, one of the producers at his company, and convinced him to get onboard.
  • Tollin told him that rather than trying to invent a sport, he should try to get Slamball on TV and work backwards from there.
  • As his idea gained traction, more and more people jumped to help him out; says that "validation" was a huge turning point.
  • Eventually, they began building the Slamball courts-says everyone was showing up at 8 a.m. ready to work because they were so excited.
  • It took 18 months to evolve his "goofy" idea from a doodle on the back of a napkin into a nationally broadcast sport.
  • Says that while it can be difficult to not have a prior blueprint to follow, when you have a strange or new idea, you need to run with it.

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