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“I would say, if it's something you're thinking about, do it. Find a way to do it.”


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  • Says he always knew he wanted to be in the music business, going way back to when he was a kid and his dad would listen to Elvis.
  • In high school, he realized that playing instruments wasn't clicking, so he started managing bands.
  • Went to the University of California, San Diego; didn't love school, but became heavily involved in the radio station and concert committee.
  • Built up a great rapport with record companies, bands; had four job offers by the time he graduated.
  • Went to work in the artist development department of A&M Records; worked to market alternative artists.
  • Learned a lot at A&M, but didn't always love working for a corporation, so he started quietly managing his own bands on the side.
  • One of his bands, The Offspring, became wildly successful; around the same time, A&M folded, so he made the leap; started his own company.
  • Says if you have a vision of doing something, do it; get in at the ground level, volunteer to work for free, and do what's needed to break into a field you love.

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