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“It's not about money; it's not about what you are supposed to do or what somebody tells you to do.”


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  • Started traveling to Colorado when she was in high school and fell in love with the state.
  • When she moved there, she learned to ski; says, "Living in Vail, you get pretty good pretty quick."
  • Says college, for her, was about breaking free from living with her parents, figuring out what life was about.
  • She and her boyfriend talked about starting some sort of business for years; always wanted to be her own boss.
  • Some of her parents' entrepreneurial friends told her that finding and following your idea is all you need to start a business.
  • Says most days, she's sucked into the day-to-day operations of owning a store, but every once in a while, she sits back and thinks, "This is pretty cool."
  • Didn't have a "plan B" for if Outdoor DIVAS failed; said she probably would've had to go "work for the people," get a job.
  • Urges young people to experience as much as they can while they're young.

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