Dave Jacobs

Dave Jacobs

CEO / Founder

Spyder Ski Apparel

Boulder, CO USA

You don't wanna be in a position to say, 'Yeah, I should've done that differently,' because you can't get that time back.


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Dave Jacobs


My road in life has been direct.
Loved ski racing; it was always the only thing he wanted to do; his father wanted him to be an engineer.
He insisted on going to a school with a good ski team, went to St. Lawrence University, became best ski racer in the country, won national championships.
Got his degree in math, tried out engineering to please his dad, knew it wasn't the field for him, became a ski instructor.
Set a personal rule: each new job he took had to be a step up from the last.
Worked with a ski outfitter; designed a race boot that became the best boot in the world.
This job took him to Europe where he'd often see children's ski gear that was much cooler than what was found in the U.S.
Woke up in the middle of the night knowing he had to leave his current job, develop kids' ski gear; company ended up losing a million dollars.
Found new source of inspiration in padded ski sweater his son got from Italian ski team, weren't in U.S. stores; became the cornerstone of Spyder gear.
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CEO / Founder

I founded a high-performance skiwear company that supplies skiwear for the US olympic team since 1989.

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My work combines:
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