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“You don't wanna be in a position to say, 'Yeah, I should've done that differently,' because you can't get that time back.”


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  • Loved ski racing; it was always the only thing he wanted to do; his father wanted him to be an engineer.
  • He insisted on going to a school with a good ski team, went to St. Lawrence University, became best ski racer in the country, won national championships.
  • Got his degree in math, tried out engineering to please his dad, knew it wasn't the field for him, became a ski instructor.
  • Set a personal rule: each new job he took had to be a step up from the last.
  • Worked with a ski outfitter; designed a race boot that became the best boot in the world.
  • This job took him to Europe where he'd often see children's ski gear that was much cooler than what was found in the U.S.
  • Woke up in the middle of the night knowing he had to leave his current job, develop kids' ski gear; company ended up losing a million dollars.
  • Found new source of inspiration in padded ski sweater his son got from Italian ski team, weren't in U.S. stores; became the cornerstone of Spyder gear.

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