Public Television : Season 11

About Season 11

Roadtrip Nation: Season 11 follows road-trippers Ed, Olivia, and Tele'jon as they travel the country in the iconic green RV, interviewing fascinating leaders from all walks of life who have built careers around their passions. The whirlwind tour through 25 states exposes the team to new ways of thinking, new experiences (alligator wrestling, anyone?), and mold-breaking careers they couldn't have imagined. And thanks to eye-opening conversations along the way with everyone from poets to NASA engineers to fire-spinners and beyond, the soul-searching road-trippers gain the wisdom and conviction they need to take the next steps in their own lives.


  • Episode 1: The Voyage Begins

    A new team of soul-seeking young adults embarks on a cross-country road trip to interview inspiring leaders about their life journeys. Starting their 8-week journey in San Francisco, the team interviews Jakob Laggner, an outdoor expedition guide who left a traditional desk job to found his own company.

  • Episode 2: Know Who You Are

    The team's search for wisdom continues in San Francisco, where they interview Roy Remer, a volunteer coordinator at the Zen Hospice Project. Moving on to Southern California, community is the topic of discussion with Omar Cardenas, a youth organizer for the Children's Defense. Later, in L.A., the team is moved by the story of Ian Harvie, a transgendered stand-up comedian, who urges them to have conviction in their identities.

  • Episode 3: It's a Journey--Not a Destination

    In Palm Springs, the road-trippers interview Adam Steltzner, a NASA engineer with an unlikely life path who directed the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars. Later, in Taos, New Mexico, the team discusses going with the flow of life with Sherry Grathler, a river guide who backed out of a career in law to pursue the outdoors.

  • Episode 4: Rattle the Cage

    In New Orleans, the team experiences the undeterred spirit of the city when they speak to a chef, a graphic designer, a chimp veterinarian, and an alligator wrestler. Later, in D.C., they interview Ben Drexler, who left the non-profit sector to become a poi (fire) spinner. Ben reflects on his bold career transition and urges the road-trippers to find their own burning passions.

  • Episode 5: Connecting the Dots

    In Washington D.C., the road-trippers interview human rights attorney Brittan Heller who speaks about "connecting the dots" of one's inklings instead of forcing life into a direction. Later, in Philadelphia, the team speaks to race car mechanic Sal Donato before interviewing Christine Borelli and Stacey Cruise, two educators who worked to revitalize a crime-ridden school.

  • Episode 6: Time to Jump

    The road-trippers make their way to New York City, where they interview Staceyann Chin, a spoken word poet and LGBT rights activist. Staceyann encourages the road-trippers to take risks and feed their spirits-advice the team heeds when they decide to adventurously jump in the ocean despite the pouring rain.

  • Episode 7: Rounding the Bend

    The road-trippers interview writer Beverly Donofrio at her home in Long Island before they head on to Detroit, where they talk to spoken word poet Airea Dee Matthews about possibility and growth in an unlikely place. In Chicago, Tele'jon reconsiders his reservations about going back to school when the team interviews Professor David Stovall.

  • Episode 8: The Long Road Home

    The road-trippers head to their last interview, with founder and CEO of the nonprofit Growing Power, Will Allen, who tells them that passion is born of patience-and hard work. As the road-trippers reach the end of the road, they reflect on the stories and the lessons along the way. And as they leave the Green RV for the last time, they move ahead knowing that everything is possible.


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