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Poet & Activist

“The heaviest thing you will have to carry as you move forward is regret. Make sure you're not carrying too much.”


Philosophy & Religion Writing


Culture Exploration Money & Financial Security Struggle Transitions Fulfillment Goals Inspiration Passion Societal Pressures Values Confidence Individualism Support & Encouragement Courage Experience Risk Regrets Choices Honesty Self-Reflection Family Fear Education Character


Learning / Being Challenged


  • Her mother abandoned her family when she was born, and she says her relatives were not equipped to raise a mouthy young child.
  • She would always write through her angst in her journal, and she'd make up stories to take her out of reality.
  • She'd pretend she was Anne of Green Gables or Oliver Twist; she was inspired by stories of the down and out kids who made it.
  • After keeping all of her anger inside for years, she finally exploded and blurted out all of her struggles to her college roommates.
  • She calls that explosion a "valuable accident" because after that, she was free to use her voice, and she was able to come out as gay.
  • Her blatant outspokenness made her a target on campus, and when she was 22, she was sexually assaulted by a group of male students.
  • After the assault, she realized she couldn't live as an out lesbian in Jamaica, so she moved to the U.S.
  • She discovered the New York City poetry scene; getting up on that stage for the first time, she finally found the power behind her "roar."

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