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“I've got great benefits, I've got a great salary-but here's this other thing, and when I'm doing this other thing, I'm not just really happy...I'm extremely happy.”


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Helping People


  • In college, saw the film Hotel Rwanda and became an activist; worked to end genocide in Darfur.
  • Moved to Washington D.C. to work for the Genocide Intervention Network.
  • Became disillusioned by the internal politics at the organizations he worked for; decided to take his own trip to Kenya.
  • Had begun poi spinning after discovering it at Burning Man; taught the art of poi/fire dancing on his trip to Africa.
  • Felt more fulfilled teaching in Kenya for one month than he'd felt in two years working at the Network.
  • Started teaching poi spinning classes in Washington D.C., posting tutorials online.
  • Rather than wondering if he was making a difference, he now had people seeking him out to say he'd changed their lives.
  • Says spinning poi brings him so much joy because it's a form of meditation; there are no worries about immediate gains-you just spin.

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