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    Team Full Circle


Spoken Word Poet

“There's a great weight that's there when you are not doing what you should actually be doing-some form of satisfaction that's not met by not committing to it.”


Acting & Theatre Writing


Passion Self-Reflection Individualism Support & Encouragement Dedication Determination Experience Choices Desire Fulfillment Hard Work Hobbies & Pastimes Instincts Pressure Beliefs & Faith Honesty Values Exploration Struggle Inspiration Goals Family Negativity Societal Pressures


Communicating / Sharing Stories


  • Initially thought she wanted to be a psychiatrist because she liked to "read" people.
  • Realized she didn't like the science of psychiatry at all, but still loved studying human nature.
  • Grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father, but her mother was too afraid to leave him.
  • Went to college and grad school for economics/public administration after her mom advised her to find a sensible career.
  • Spent eight years in corporate America but knew she wasn't doing what she was meant to be doing.
  • Thought she'd write and perform poetry on the side, loved it but considered it a hobby.
  • Performed for the first time at a coffee shop, got positive feedback, realized her writing could captivate others.
  • Was always fascinated by language "as a symbol," loved how putting words together made them meaningful.

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