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“Sometimes we think that we have dreams that are unobtainable. But look at my story-wherever your starting place is, you can still obtain the goals that you want.”


Environment & Nature Medicine


Determination Experience Goals Perseverance Self-Reflection Dedication Failure Struggle Transitions Beliefs & Faith Desire Doubt Values Community Courage Risk Character Fulfillment Culture Support & Encouragement Planning Societal Pressures Instincts Success


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • While she was in college, she was assigned to do behavioral studies of three species of animals.
  • She enjoyed working with the wolves and cheetahs, but it was quickly apparent that working with the chimps was her passion.
  • After college, she was slated to begin a residency at a primate research facility in Oregon.
  • The job hinged on her passing her medical board exam; she failed by one point, and the residency was revoked.
  • Seeing her dreams put on hold made her depressed for some time-as a type-A personality, she didn't know how to deal with that disappointment.
  • Eventually she applied to another internship working with small monkeys, but she let them know that working with chimps was her dream.
  • Her boss found her a connection to Chimp Haven, but once again, the job hinged on her passing her medical board exams.
  • This time, she said "failure wasn't an option"; she devoted a huge part of her life to studying, she passed the test, "and then everything fell into place."

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