Talk to a professional for advice

You don't need the Roadtrip Nation RV to start talking with professionals who can guide you. In this lesson, you'll have the chance to ask the questions you've always had about work and your future, and see how others dealt with the same challenges you're facing. It might seem scary at first, but reaching out and talking to others about their experiences will paint a fuller picture of what the future can hold, and help you make better decisions.

Lesson Tasks


The questions below will help you reflect on the lesson video. We recommend that you write your answers digitally or on paper, but if you'd rather express yourself another way, do what feels right!

  • 1

    Sharing where you are in your life, education, or career can help you connect with the person you talk to for your Interview Project. What personal experiences and questions will you share or open up about?

  • 2

    What decisions about your future are you struggling with? How can the conversation in your interview help you make these decisions?

  • 3

    What questions would you most like to ask? Make a list of bonus questions you'd like to have answered.

  • 4

    Based on your interests and the careers you identified in the previous lesson, start researching people in your community that you’d like to interview. Write down a list of at least 5 people you’re considering interviewing. What made you choose these 5?


The assignment below is all about helping you get ready to talk to someone working in a career you're interested in so you can hear what it takes to get where you want to be.

  • Once you've researched people in your community, completed your cold call, and booked your interview, go to the Interview Portal  and click on "Get Started" to create your account.

  • Click "Create Interview" to create a profile for your interview. When your profile is completed, and if it gets approved by your interviewee, you'll see it show up in the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive.


The resources below correspond with this lesson and will help you build toward your project of talking to a professional who shares your interests.


Interview Checklist

Everything you need to prepare for your conversation with a professional.



Go-To Questions

A list of questions we recommend you ask in your conversation.



Cold Outreach Script

Draft what you want to say to a professional before you reach out.


Lesson Extras


Want to explore the stories of the people featured in the lesson video? Check out how they got to where they are, the challenges they've faced, and what advice they have.