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“If you do the right thing, you treat people really well, and you stick to your moral compass, then success will come.”


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Working with Others


  • Says he started playing guitar for "the same reason everybody starts playing guitar-to attract the attention of a girl or a boy."
  • While looking at his guitar one day, realized he wanted to know how to make them; started taking his guitars apart.
  • At one point, his guitar was stolen; when he went to a shop to get a new one, he took one of the guitar builders as his mentor.
  • He'd study with the luthier every week; his mentor made him promise he'd pass his new knowledge on to other people.
  • His guitar-building business initially wasn't doing well; he put the last of his savings into advertising his guitars.
  • The ad caught the eye of Eric Clapton, who asked Hoover to build him a custom-sounding guitar-that became his big break.
  • During the recession in 2008, people weren't buying guitars, and Hoover had to reevaluate his business.
  • Realized he'd been focusing on profit over product; flipped that, focused on his product and his work ethics first, and gradually the business recovered.

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