Meaningful career exploration for any learning environment

Help students explore career possibilities for the future with this 5-lesson project-based course designed to be implemented by a facilitator or completed independently. Students will discover their interests, explore career paths, and have a conversation with a professional doing a job they’re interested in.

Connect students' studies to career paths

Through introspective activities and video exposure to careers, students connect their education to real-world pathways and begin to plan life after school.

Build skills for long-term success

Students build digital literacy, develop social emotional skills, and gain practical know-how that will help prepare them for careers.

Aligned to core standards

Develop future goals with a program aligned to core standards.


Course details


Course details

  • Project-based learning

    Connects students to the real world through an informational interview with a professional to gain real-world insights and workforce knowledge.

  • Distance-learning friendly

    Video-based online experience to make learning engaging and easy from anywhere.

  • Short video-based lessons

    5 lessons that feature engaging videos, self-reflective questions, and activities to help students plan the future.

  • Teach or assign it

    Integrated activities give you a framework for group discussion, or the lessons can be assigned and completed independently.


The teaching process


Decide how you want to teach

Adaptable to all sorts of learning environments, whether you're teaching a science class, after-school workshop, or career advising.


Guide students through lessons

Through engaging short lesson videos and thought-provoking discussions and activities, we'll give you the tools to expand students’ options for the future and build soft skills.


Focus on the Interview Project

To complete their project, students will talk to someone working in a career they’re curious about, then share their interview with a larger community to keep the learning going!

Roadtrip Nation helps our clients gain confidence in their choices and empowers them to follow their passions. Seeing real life examples of people who went to community college is very powerful, and it shows them the steps to achieving career goals. It has also enhanced their career planning and improved their skills regarding searching for a job.


Project Self-Sufficiency


Young people and adults who have used Roadtrip Nation educational tools in learning programs across the U.S.


Those who completed Roadtrip Nation's curriculum showed increased self-belief according to an independent study*

Higher GPA

Those who completed Roadtrip Nation's curriculum earned a higher GPA by a factor of 2 compared to other learners*

*Based on a study conducted by Dr. David Conley at the Educational Policy Improvement Center


Ready to implement? Download our resources

When you’re ready to get started, download the resources below and get tips and tricks to maximize this program in your particular learning environment.


Implementation Guide

Learn how to implement this course and leverage lesson extras like Google's Applied Digital Skills in your learning environment.


Facilitator Safety Guide

Guidelines and tips for prioritizing your students' safety throughout the Interview Project.


CASEL Standards Alignment

See how elements of this course align to standards set by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).


Using RTNE Within Your LMS

Tips on how to incorporate the Roadtrip Nation Experience into your classroom's existing learning management system


Engaging Students

Additional activities and exercises to help community college students apply their learnings to their everyday lives.


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