Connect your interests to careers

Your interests are the activities, topics, and subjects that spark your curiosity. When you explore your interests, you may find yourself losing track of time, with a smile on your face, because you're working on something you like. We'll help you look at careers through the lens of your interests, and show you how that way of thinking opens the door to all sorts of careers you might not have imagined.

Lesson Tasks


The questions below will help you reflect on the lesson video. We recommend that you write your answers digitally or on paper, but if you'd rather express yourself another way, do what feels right!

  • 1

    What are the pros and cons of having an exact plan of what you want to do with your future? What are the pros and cons of staying flexible and open to where your interests lead? Which do you prefer?

  • 2

    Use the Roadmap tool  to choose your interests and see connected careers and videos. Try out different combinations to see how your results change. What options seem most interesting to you? Why?

  • 3

    When you look closely at your Roadmap results, what skills do you have that align with the careers you’re seeing? What other skills do you think you’d need to develop?


The resources below correspond with this lesson and will help you build toward your project of talking to a professional who shares your interests.


The Roadmap

An online tool for exploring your interests and matching careers

Go to site


Google’s “Build Your Professional Network” Lesson

Learn to make spreadsheets so you can collect info about interviewees in one place.

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Safety Guide

Internet privacy and safety tips to review before you complete your Interview Project.


Lesson Extras


Want to explore the stories of the people featured in the lesson video? Check out how they got to where they are, the challenges they've faced, and what advice they have.