Sustainability Specialists


Salary Median (2020)


Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)

+5% (as fast as the average)


What Sustainability Specialists Do

Address organizational sustainability issues, such as waste stream management, green building practices, and green procurement plans.

Other Job Titles Sustainability Specialists May Have

Sustainability Consultant, Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Specialist, Sustainable Design Coordinator

How Leaders Describe a Typical Day at Work

President & Founder ,

Three Squares, Inc.

Busy! Heading to LAX to catch a flight to a client meeting - or taking my dog Luna to the office to get ready for the first of 6 conference calls with various clients talking through the details of their projects - or heading to work on-site at a conference training venue staff on sustainability / waste diversion.

Business Development Representative ,

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

I work remotely, so I sign on for the day from home. When I sign on, I check my calendar and see what's on the pipeline for the day. I participate in team meetings to see what's going on in our sales team. I'll also join larger team meetings to understand what the broader Cortex team is doing. Then a lot of my time is spent reaching out to potential clients to offer our services to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

Tasks & Responsibilities May Include

  • Develop sustainability project goals, objectives, initiatives, or strategies in collaboration with other sustainability professionals.
  • Monitor or track sustainability indicators, such as energy usage, natural resource usage, waste generation, and recycling.
  • Assess or propose sustainability initiatives, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and acceptance.
  • Provide technical or administrative support for sustainability programs or issues.
  • Review and revise sustainability proposals or policies.

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