Tim's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Sustainability Consultant/Founder
Permaforest Trust

“Maybe just by nature I'm a bit driven. And then I just took that drive to the corporate success and just changed it over to the drive to be as green and sustainable as I could.”


Environment & Nature Non-Profit Organizations


Values Courage Desire Education Experience Exploration Passion Success Transitions


Upholding a Cause and Belief


  • After graduating from university, he went tree planting in Canada.
  • They'd spend two months out in nature, living as a tribe and spending entire days alone planting trees.
  • He'd been planning on attending a post-graduate program, but one day he realized his plans had changed.
  • His main goal went from "become financially successful" to "do something good for the environment."
  • He went on to found the Permaforest Trust, a non-for-profit environmental education center.
  • Says you have to live your life in an integrated way; if you're unhappy with your work, you can't just box that up and put it away.
  • Believes that to do anything truly significant, you have to make a commitment.
  • Reminds road-trippers that their situation is unique; to be afforded the opportunity to go to school and to choose a career is a rare gift.

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