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Chief Security Officer

“First of all, do you love it? Are you sure? Because if you don’t, [it can be] hard and discouraging. [But] it’s not hard to keep doing things you love.”


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Problem Solving


  • The daughter of software engineers, tech has always been in her orbit, but she wasn’t very excited about it as a child.
  • Began gravitating towards programming in high school, but didn’t study it because it was intimidating; with no women in sight, it felt like an exclusive club.
  • It wasn't until she started taking math and CS classes in college—and actually got to actually start problem-solving—that she realized her passion.
  • As technology evolved—and the concept of hacking along with it—one question began to drive her: what’s keeping people’s data safe?
  • Called to solve this question, she developed threat-modelling: a process of protecting data that became part of Microsoft’s best practices.
  • Keeping data out of the wrong hands would carry her into a stint at Apple, where she ensured not even Apple could access people’s data.
  • Her greatest triumph? Giving users control of their data. With personal lives increasingly stored online, she wants users—not 3rd parties—to have the reigns.
  • Admits tech has hurdles; it can be exclusionary of minorities and women. It’s also just hard work—but it’s less hard when you love it.

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