Jennifer's Open Road


    Team Tabula Rasa


Sustainability Director
New Belgium Brewery

“Times of stress [are] necessary for growth, but you also need that time of recovery and ease, because that's when you integrate your gains.”


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Accomplishing Goals


  • Was going to graduate school, studying philosophy; took a part-time job at the brewery on the side.
  • Started on the bottling line, then did some office work for the company's CEO.
  • She slowly moved up in the ranks; says this wasn't a "big career vision," but people needed help and she'd help out.
  • Eventually realized it'd be in her best interest to get her MBA; did a night program while working full-time.
  • Sometimes wishes she could be something simple and satisfying, like a receptionist.
  • But acknowledges that you need stress to encourage growth, need to take on challenges sometimes.
  • Says your job should be fulfilling, but sometimes that's a luxury-sometimes you have to take jobs you don't love to make a living.
  • Constantly redefines her role to make sure she's doing something she believes in-went from chief operations officer to sustainability director.

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