Film and Video Editors


Salary Median (2020)


Projected Job Growth (2019-2029)

+13.8% (faster than the average)


What Film and Video Editors Do

Edit moving images on film, video, or other media. May work with a producer or director to organize images for final production. May edit or synchronize soundtracks with images.

Other Job Titles Film and Video Editors May Have

Editor, Film Editor, News Editor, Video Editor

How Leaders Describe a Typical Day at Work

Video Editor ,

The Buddy Group

My business is one of service. We are a 'digital engagement agency'. Beyond creating videos, we offer social engagement, business strategy, design websites, and develop apps. I am the Video Editor on the Creative team.

Filmmaker ,

Every week I have to come up with a story. Whether it be a short or a scene, I have to write a script, shot-list it and then shoot it. I do have several friends that I work with but it mostly comes down to me and one other. Writing is my favorite part. That initial spark of an idea and then adapting that into a script. When I do that right then directing can be pretty fun but I think I like acting better.

Tasks & Responsibilities May Include

  • Organize and string together raw footage into a continuous whole according to scripts or the instructions of directors and producers.
  • Edit films and videotapes to insert music, dialogue, and sound effects, to arrange films into sequences, and to correct errors, using editing equipment.
  • Select and combine the most effective shots of each scene to form a logical and smoothly running story.
  • Review footage sequence by sequence to become familiar with it before assembling it into a final product.
  • Set up and operate computer editing systems, electronic titling systems, video switching equipment, and digital video effects units to produce a final product.

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