Marylou Badeaux

Marylou Badeaux

Former VP of Special Projects

Warner Bros. Records

Brisbane, Queensland AUS

Part of it is a naivety of being young and thinking I can make anything happen. And I think it's important to have that viewpoint, because if you don't, you're gonna sit back and opportunities will pass you.


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Marylou Badeaux


My road in life has been direct.
Originally worked at an insurance company; she was miserable but she made herself "hang in there" for a year.
Made a friend at Warner Brothers Records and told them, "keep me in mind if something opens up."
Says it's important to have that courage to network and say, give me a chance, or else every opportunity will just blow by you.
She was hired into the "black music" department at the record company; at the time, that was a six-person team.
Over the years, the success of their artists, like Prince, grew her department to over sixty people.
When Marylou was working there, Warner Bros. was the number-one black music label year after year.
Says that when you truly invest into your career, it can put strain on other parts of your life, namely your relationships.
Even though she made sacrifices in pursuit of her career, she says doesn't regret any of the paths she's taken.


Former VP of Special Projects

I led the black music department at Warner Bros. Records where I got to work with great artists like Prince.

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My work combines:
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