Marylou's Open Road

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    Australia Roadtrip


Former VP of Special Projects
Warner Bros. Records

“Part of it is a naivety of being young and thinking I can make anything happen. And I think it's important to have that viewpoint, because if you don't, you're gonna sit back and opportunities will pass you.”


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Opportunity Choices Dedication Regrets Success


Accomplishing Goals


  • Originally worked at an insurance company; she was miserable but she made herself "hang in there" for a year.
  • Made a friend at Warner Brothers Records and told them, "keep me in mind if something opens up."
  • Says it's important to have that courage to network and say, give me a chance, or else every opportunity will just blow by you.
  • She was hired into the "black music" department at the record company; at the time, that was a six-person team.
  • Over the years, the success of their artists, like Prince, grew her department to over sixty people.
  • When Marylou was working there, Warner Bros. was the number-one black music label year after year.
  • Says that when you truly invest into your career, it can put strain on other parts of your life, namely your relationships.
  • Even though she made sacrifices in pursuit of her career, she says doesn't regret any of the paths she's taken.

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