Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell


Don't let anything get in the way of your ambition.


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Malcolm McDowell


My road in life has been direct.
Believes that you can't break into acting without some serious hard work and some luck.
Says most actors have to have a side job; his was as a bike messenger in London, which gave him free time and transportation to auditions.
He'd been acting for four years when he got an audition for a play called "If."
The scene called for him to kiss his co-star "passionately"; since she was a beautiful woman, he thought, "Well, there's a bit of luck."
What he didn't realize was that the scene also called for his co-star to hit him; she basically punched his lights out, but he got the part.
Stanley Kubrick saw him in that play and cast him as the star of A Clockwork Orange; at the age of 24, he was suddenly a movie star.
Says that his best advice for young people is, "don't worry about it."
Stresses that the most important things to do are to figure out who you are and to "doggedly" pursue your dreams.
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High School
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, England



I'm an actor, perhaps most widely known for my role as Alex DeLarge in "The Clockwork Orange."

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My work combines:
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