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“Don't let anything get in the way of your ambition.”


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Being Creative


  • Believes that you can't break into acting without some serious hard work and some luck.
  • Says most actors have to have a side job; his was as a bike messenger in London, which gave him free time and transportation to auditions.
  • He'd been acting for four years when he got an audition for a play called "If."
  • The scene called for him to kiss his co-star "passionately"; since she was a beautiful woman, he thought, "Well, there's a bit of luck."
  • What he didn't realize was that the scene also called for his co-star to hit him; she basically punched his lights out, but he got the part.
  • Stanley Kubrick saw him in that play and cast him as the star of A Clockwork Orange; at the age of 24, he was suddenly a movie star.
  • Says that his best advice for young people is, "don't worry about it."
  • Stresses that the most important things to do are to figure out who you are and to "doggedly" pursue your dreams.

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